Predictive Maintenance

In the area of Predictive Maintenance we develop an application called SysWatch. It is a Windows program that provides offline and online predictive insights. By offline analysis, we mean, on the one hand, the ability to visualize data, but even more important is the training mode, in which SysWatch reads a large, usually high-dimensional database with sensor time series from a technical or industrial source. That is usually a physical process, along with a database of historical events. The main goal in this mode is to determine correlations between the sensor values and the events in question. In online mode, SysWatch uses calculated and verified models for incoming data and calculates failure probabilies.

Advanced Analytics Consulting

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Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is the latest trend in the computing sector. For some years, large companies such as Google or IBM have been researching so-called quantum computers. Compared to the classical computer, a quantum computer is based on the fundamental principle of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics includes the theory of the smallest particles. This behavior is used by quantum computers to perform complex calculations in the shortest possible time.