Dr. Wolfgang Mergenthaler is managing director and owner of FCE Frankfurt Consulting Engineers GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany. He received his diploma in physics from Technical University of Munich (TUM) in 1973 and his doctorate in applied mathematics in 1978, also from TUM. In his current position Dr. Mergenthaler leads a team of mathematicians and computer scientists working in the fields of Pattern Recognition, Mathematical Statistics, Probability Calculus and Combinatorial Optimization with Industrial Applications. Plant simulation is one of his strong points of interest, both with regard to operational as well as planning issues. Other important working areas are the domains of sequencing and scheduling in production planning and the generation of response surfaces from process data.

Daniel Jaroszewski (Head of Predictive Maintenance): Gradually Math. (Mathematics) Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt. He is a consultant and software developer for Frankfurt Consulting Engineers GmbH. His consulting focuses on the fields of machine learning, probability theory, combination optimization, as well as their application in industry. As a project manager for a software product in the field of preventive maintenance, his tasks lie in the development, implementation and automation of algorithms. The product to be delivered is shipped and marketed as a monitoring platform in the Microsoft ê environment.

Larissa Horn (Head of Software Architecture): M.Sc. (Mathematics), Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. She is a consultant and software developer for Frankfurt Consulting Engineers GmbH. Her development and consulting focus is on preventive maintenance, the optimization of production order sequences, as well as the simulation of production failures in large industrial plants. Its main area of responsibility is the development, implementation and automation of algorithms in the nous environment.

Benedict Sturm received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. Gessers in Mathematics from Goethe-University in Frankfurt, Germany. He works for Frankfurt Consulting Engineers GmbH since 2015. His main topics are predictive maintenance and combinatorial optimization such as routing problems. For this, he develops mathematical algorithms within a front-end interface for different costumers.